Creating conducive environment that maximize your child growth potential ( 12-Apr-2014 )

Every parent wants their child to maximise their potential, especially in academic performance. Parents can play an important part by helping to create various environments for your child that will help him/her achieve their best.  The speaker will focus on the 3 fundamental environments that parents have the power to create at home :


Research shows the emotional state of the child is tied to their performance. In other words, the better the child feels, the better the child performs. In order to maximise the child’s potential, parents must engage their children emotionally and meet their emotional needs to a certain degree.  What are the factors that contribute to setting the right emotional state for your child to perform?


Many children today have mental barriers that hinder their potential. These barriers are solidified over a period of time.
If the child does not learn how to think and speak the right thoughts, these thoughts will affect his performance. How can parents cultivate a healthy mental state for your child so they can excel?


The child’s area of study should and can motivate him to study. How can the parent create an environment at home that inspires learning?

 This 3 hour talk aims to give parents insight into these three environments, as well as opportunities for parents to interact and discuss practical applications.